About LuxeGavel

LuxeGavel.com is a new blog written by Trayor Lesnock, a veteran and expert in the luxury real estate auction industry. Mr. Lesnock is the president and founder of Platinum Luxury Auctions, a prominent luxury real estate auction firm. Through LuxeGavel, Mr. Lesnock attempts to provide unbiased and candid commentary on various topics in the luxury real estate sales and auction industries, as seen from the inside perspective of an industry expert and veteran.

About Trayor Lesnock: Mr. Lesnock has been responsible for more than $325 million in luxury real estate auction sales (with the highest single-sale being $17 million), and has consulted or advised on nearly $1.25 billion in luxury property. He is a graduate of Cornell University, a member institution of the Ivy League, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences with a Minor in Physiology. While at Cornell, he co-founded, operated and then sold his first business venture, a specialized marketing firm.

An avid lifetime athlete, Mr. Lesnock was also inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2000 as a recipient of the Scholar Athlete award.

About Platinum Luxury Auctions: Platinum Luxury Auctions is an industry-leading real estate auction firm that specializes in the sale of multi-million-dollar properties on behalf of affluent owners. Platinum was founded on the philosophy that professionals involved in the transaction of a client’s $8 million residence should be as qualified and competent as professionals entrusted to manage or invest $8 million of a client’s capital. Learn more about Platinum Luxury Auctions at PlatinumLuxuryAuctions.com.


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